Mouth Protection


To protect your upper fixed teeth from being injured during sparring.

Options include basic, double-layer and braces options, all of which mould to the user’s mouth when submerged in boiling water.

The basic opition is a standard gum-shield available in a wide range of colours. This gumshield is only recommended for new students who are just getting into sparring, or young students who are growing quickly.

The double layer gum shield which moulds when submerged in boiling water. The outer layer is strong to withstand impact, the inner gel layer moulds to the teeth for stability and comfort. We recommend this gumshield for all senior grade and adult students who are no longer growing.

The braces gum shield is for students with braces, specifically designed for comfort and protection of expensive dental braces. We recommend this gumshield for any student with braces.

Available in a range of colours in both Junior (u14) and senior (14+) sizes.


Additional information

Mouthguard type

Basic, Braces Mouthguard, Double Layer


Junior, Senior


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