Taekwon-do is a martial art, a self-defense system, and a competitive sport. To test their Taekwon-do skills in a realistic context students spar. Sparring is one-on-one combat between two or more Taekwon-do students using controlled techniques. Students test the offensive and defensive techniques they have learned through patterns and class practice against an actual opponent in controlled circumstances. Students must demonstrate effective, well-defined, and controlled punches and kicks, in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of Taekwon-do principles. The techniques should be executed in a manner that, even if blocked, they display power and an understanding of strategy and placement.

There are 5 different types of sparring we learn in Taekwon-Do. Check them out from the menu on the right.

3-step sparring
3-step semi-free sparring
2-step sparring
1-step sparring
Free sparring



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