• Sparring Gear

    Hand Protection

    These gloves are perfect for training.

    Made of a PU mould and covered in artificial leather to create a superior pre shaped semi contact glove, these durable gloves are perfect for protecting the wearer during training and sparring exercises.

    Open palm, closed finger gloves for safety.

    Size guide (age):

    • Branded gloves XS 4-7yrs available in black only
    • Branded gloves S 8-12yrs available in …
  • Sparring Gear

    Head Protection

    Olympus Taekwon-Do branded dipped foam head guard offering good protection and comfort. Ventilation holes to allow better airflow around all areas of the head, available in red, blue, or black.

    Size guide (circumference of head in cm/inches):

    • Dipped foam head guard S 53/16
    • Dipped foam head guard M 55/17
    • Dipped foam head guard L 58/17
    • Dipped foam head guard XL 60/18
  • Sparring Gear

    Mouth Protection

    To protect your upper fixed teeth from being injured during sparring.

    Options include basic, double-layer and braces options, all of which mould to the user’s mouth when submerged in boiling water.

    The basic opition is a standard gum-shield available in a wide range of colours. This gumshield is only recommended for new students who are just getting into sparring, or young students …