Taekwon-Do practitioners are noted for their excellent health gained from the discipline and patience required by the art.

For Self Confidence and Poise: Taekwon-Do first and foremost requires that all students be polite and respectful and never use their knowledge for frivolous purposes or wanton harm. Yet a true student is able to dispel fear.”

What can be achieved through Taekwon-Do training? The student of Taekwon-Do develops unbeatable self-defense through rigid training and professional supervised instruction. In addition, Taekwon-Do builds dynamic tension and makes balanced use of a large number of body muscles. It provides excellent all-around exercise and develops coordination and agility. Taekwon-Do trains students in character, sincerity, effort, etiquette, and self-control.

Who may learn Taekwon-Do? Classes are open to men, women, and children as Taekwon-Do is one of the only true family martial arts; all can learn and participate together. The degree of progress for any student is based on the individual coordination and attentiveness. Physical fitness is essential for a happy, productive life, and invariably, people who are capable of defending themselves are less troublesome and better citizens.