Student Dobok


The A.C.E. Dobok is to be worn by all students. It is made of high-quality material with front zip.

On the left breast is the International Taekwon-Do logo of First GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha, and on the right breast the A.C.E. Taekwon-Do logo.

Our Olympus School logo is proudly embroidered on the left sleeve.

All our doboks are white, to symbolise ‘peace’ as taught by our founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi.


Additional information


Size 0 (130cm), Size 00 (120cm), Size 000 (110cm), Size 0000(100cm), Size 1 (140cm), Size 2 (150cm), Size 3 (160cm), Size 4 (170cm), Size 5 (180cm), Size 6 (190cm), Size 7 (200cm)