Taekwon-Do Equipment and Accessories

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Taekwon-Do offers all sorts, and requires all sorts of equipment depending on what you want to do…

As a minimum, you require the following:

Taekwon-Do training suit (Dobok)

This allows you to train safely and comfortably (well, most of the time anyway…).

You may have your name embroidered on the jacket and trousers for a small fee.

Taekwon-Do license

Your license is a document booklet of your Taekwon-Do career:
Gradings, seminars, courses, tournaments and qualifications
Your license certifies your member-member insurance through ACE Taekwon-Do.

To enhance your Taekwon-Do training, we recommend you purchase the following:

ACE Taekwon-Do Handbook

Your handbook is your guide to training, and should be used in conjunction with your work in the Dojang.
It is not intended as a replacement for qualified instruction, but by studying your handbook you can achieve a greater understanding of Taekwon-Do and it’s components, such as Purpose of Movement and the Theory of Power.

Sparring Equipment

As you progress, you will engage in sparring training to help you develop your dynamic use of Taekwon-Do in a more realistic situation. Some sparring gear is compulsory for training at all, such as Gum Shields and Groin Guards (for males).

At Olympus Taekwon-Do we do not engage in ‘full contact’ sparring. To demonstrate power in technique, we use strike shields, breaking boards, wood, tiles and bricks. Properly used, Taekwon-Do techniques are capable of causing serious injury or worse, so you can imagine how few students we would have if we went around injuring one another!

Rather, we spar with either no contact (children) or touch-contact (adolescents and adults training for competition). Even with adult sparring we have a saying – hit one another, but don’t hut one another. Sparring is not an appropriate platform for demonstrating how powerful you are, rather it is used to demonstrate speed and dynamic combinations of techniques.

Typical sparring gear comprises Head, Hand, Shin and Foot guards, and is designed to reduce bruising when techniques are blocked during sparring.


Taekwon-Do is a way of life, and so we offer a range of accessories to enhance your experience of training. These range from locker bags to tracksuits; from training shoes to outdoor jackets.