Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to typical questions, please see below:

If your question is not listed, please get in touch on our Contact page, and we will add it to the list!

Who can train Taekwon-Do?

Short answer – ANYONE!

At Olympus Taekwon-Do we benefit from a hugely diverse range of students, aged from 5 to 55, including whole families!

We can and have trained students with physical difficulties (some minor, some severe), and behavioural problems.

What do I do to get involved?

First thing – come and have a go!

Just turn up to one of our sessions (see ‘Contact and Find Us’ page), and join in!

You should wear comfortable clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt. We train barefoot so no need to worry about footwear.

Please remember to remove all jewellery, watches and piercings before training.

I've had a go and I want to join - now what?

Register as a Member of Olympus Taekwon-Do!

Go to ‘Members’ in the menu, and select ‘Join Olympus Taekwon-Do’ to complete a registration form and receive your private email link to your profile page.

Buy a Starter Pack

All you need to train is provided as part of our Starter Pack offers. To view these go to our Store page and browse Starter Packs from the menu.

Starter Packs include your first month’s training at no extra cost, so you don’t need to worry about training fees until you have been with us for a few weeks.

I've trained Taekwon-Do before - can I come along and try out Olympus Taekwon-Do?

Of course you can!

We are proud to accept Taekwon-Do practitioners whatever their background or affiliation. In keeping with our mission to teach and train Taekwon-Do as intended by our late founder General Choi Hong Hi, anyone who wishes to train in this wonderful Art is welcome at Olympus Taekwon-Do.

Please bring with you any documents you have regarding your existing membership, and feel free to wear your Dobok.

If you are concerned you may be a higher grade than our instructors, then please do not be concerned – at ACE Taekwon-Do we qualify and grade Instructors as part of their Taekwon-Do career, and so it is not unusual for a junior grade with an ACE instructor qualification to take a class which includes a higher grade student…

I'm a bit nervous about joining...

We understand that it can be a bit daunting to visit somewhere new, especially if you don’t know anyone there, so don’t worry!

Come along and have a chat with one of our instructors, who will put you at ease, then you can sit and watch if you like – you can join in just as soon as you feel like it.

How much does it cost?

The major investment for a successful career in Taekwon-Do is time, effort, sweat, calories and mental fortitude. It also requires some moderate financial investment, as described below:

Startup Costs

Starter Packs

Starter Packs are a great value way to set up for Taekwon-Do training. All packs include your training suit (Dobok), Olympus Taekwon-Do T-Shirt, ACE Taekwon-Do License and a month’s training at no extra cost.

Options include your ACE Taekwon-Do handbook and Sparring Gear.

All of these items are available in our Store, but if you choose not to buy a Starter Pack you must purchase a License to train lawfully.


It is your license which contains your member-member insurance with ACE Taekwon-Do, and you must be licensed to train. Licenses cost £30, and are included as part of your monthly standing order, so you don’t need to worry about renewing!

You will be credited the cost of your license if you purchase a Starter Pack within one month.

Training Fees

Training fees cover school running costs, such as venue, insurance and equipment.

Olympus Taekwon-Do instructors are volunteers, which means we can keep training fees reasonable.

Per-session costs are between £5 and £7 depending on your age, grade and whether you pay in advance, as a supplement to a monthly standing order arrangement, or in arrears. Regular members must pay for at least one session per week by standing order, plus a premium to cover licensing. Monthly standing order rates depend of the student’s age and desire number of sessions as follows:

Once per week training (u13s) = £18.75+£2.50 = £21.25
Twice per week training (u13s) = £37.50+£2.50 = £40.00

Once per week training (o13s) = £22.50+£2.50 = £25.00
Twice per week training (o13s) = £45.00+£2.50 = £47.50

The above figures do not include August training, which must be paid for separately unless you have made alternative arrangements with the school. This is so that students who have planned absence during the year (such as holidays) can make up for this during August without missing out on sessions they have paid for.


Gradings give students the opportunity to display their skills and abilities to a Master, Senior Master or Grandmaster, so that they may promote through the belt grades.

At Olympus Taekwon-Do you will not be graded by your instructor.

We do not offer an attendance course at Olympus Taekwon-Do – you will only grade successfully if you can meet the criteria required by our Chief Examiner, First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan. In short, you need the three ‘A’s – Attendance, Attitude, and Ability.

That said, natural abilities are an important consideration, and provided you are willing to put in the effort there is no reason you cannot progress to Black Belt and beyond.

Colour Belt Gradings cost £35 or £40 depending on your age and grade, and include a Seminar at no extra cost.


Seminars give students (and instructors) the opportunity to ensure the high standard of our Taekwon-Do is consistent, and are conducted by a visiting Master, Senior Master or Grandmaster.

Seminars are nearly always offered with Gradings and are compulsory for Grading students. Grading students must attend at least one Seminar per year to qualify (part of the ‘attendance’ criteria).

Seminars alone cost £15 or £20 depending on you age and grade.

Workshops and Courses

We host and have access to a number of Workshops and Courses throughout the year.

For example, we may have a visiting instructor conduct a workshop on Breaking, or Sparring, or Patterns. These typically cost £15 or £20.

Courses allow Taekwon-Do students to gain qualifications, such as instructor, first-aid, umpire or referee, and vary greatly in price depending on the course.

Equipment, Accessories and Extras

As an Olympus Taekwon-Do member, you may enhance your training and general Taekwon-Do experience by purchasing various items.

For example, you may wish to keep your Taekwon-Do equipment in your very own, personally identified and branded Taekwon-Do locker bag, or travel to Taekwon-Do events in your branded Taekwon-Do tracksuit.

To help you train at home, you can purchase strike shields and breaking boards/holders.

All items are available through our Store.